Miele All in One by One
A wo(man), a teenager, a grandparent, a disabled person said: I just can't wait to do my laundry!


The new technology focuses on becoming a sustainable 2-in-1 appliance ( washing machine and drier in the same product), environment and user friendly, saving water, energy, making everything possible with a single button touch.

All the user needs to do is to put the clothes inside and press Start. The washing machine is equipped with sliding doors (they close after pressing ‘start’ and open after the washing cycle is done, they don’t occupy space and save the interior from mold, bacteria, germs). The right program will be automatically chosen by the machine, including the detergents, bleach, softener(cartridges-like), wash, dry – Done.

RECYCLING the water using an atomic filter into a tank behind or under the washing machine, which has a volume/level sensor ((if there is not enough water because we will have loses in the clothes, lint waste, vapors, the sensor will detect it and the rest of water will be added directly from the pipes) from the pre-washing stage and reuse it until the washing cycle is over; filter it again and store it. The waste could be stored (throughout multiple wash cycles) and when the container would be full, it will be released using a bit of water.

SAVING THE ENERGY from the washing cycle when the machine acts as a dynamo storing it into an accumulator, transferring it to the drier.

Miele App for appliances control will be completed by a service that notifies users when their machine is about to break (levels of detergents, filter status, accumulator status, drainage, chalk/ impurity deposits, rusted areas). The new washing machine can have integrated a clean-up cycle at already established periods of time.