Water is life...so, stretch it to the max! (wip, collaborators welcome)
Smart clotheswasher that interacts with a water salvage & storage system and a dishwasher. Saves H2O


DETAILS. In addition to the slide...

  1. A retrofit system that channels, treats and stores water exiting the clothes washer (any other brand, too) and makes that water available for subsequent steps in washing clothes AND/OR even washing dishes, i.e. water sent to other appliances. Note that hookup to a dishwasher is not compulsory, its just an option.

  2. Water filtration and cleanup, especially removal of suspended dirt and/or undesirable materials, can be achieved by existing wastewater treatment technologies. For example, anti-flocculant technology, selective absorbtion technology that removes dirt and undesirable chemicals (but not the detergent that can thereafter be reused for more cycles of washing), electrolysis to generate oxygen ions to oxidize and kill bacteria and organic dirt; ; membrane filtration; porous ceramic (user-serviceable) filters, etc. Consider the technology by MIT's student startup Aqua Fresco. (I can make introductions, if needed).

  3. Water retrieved from some of the later rinse steps of a clothes washer, and especially from the spin-dry step, is generally cleaner than water at some of the earlier steps, e.g. the water from the wash and initial rinse. This relatively cleaner water may suffice for repurposing in other household activities. This potentially allows the water sampling and testing system to identify water and machine steps that require less cleaning, thus helping prolong the service life of the water cleaning technology. This will be especially easier in a future when detergent manufacturers move to bioorganic chemicals, a trend we just saw on jovoto itself (the Foam Sweet Foam contest).

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