In a clamshell: STYLus with FocusClean. Is a dryer, too!
Compact machine cleans with the least water & detergent. Dries too. Can focus clean specific areas.


Why accumulate clothes in a laundry hamper and then have to sort them, lug them to a machine that's so big and clunky that most people put it out of sight in a basement or a corner? What if, instead, your washing machine could fold flat vertically against the wall, just like your TV on a wall mounted stand?

This machine concept is shaped like a clamshell. Swing down one side, and lay your garments on the bed of fine, closely-spaced nozzles. If you are worried about extra dirty areas, e.g. sweaty armpits of a shirt, you can wave a special stylus over them to draw an invisible circle(s). The machine will reprogram the nozzles corresponding to the circled areas, so that those areas are cleaned more stringently than the overall garment. Close the clamshell, and walk away. The machine will reuse water if needed, to minimize water expenditure. It can also use organic solvents or vapor cleaning, as long as the supply sources are hooked up to it.

The machine notifies you when it is done drying the garment with its partial-vacuum water-removal system and its nozzle jets of air. You can then take out the garment and move it to a clothes hanger.

Instead of accumulating clothes to do larger loads of laundry, this machine lets you clean and/or refresh your clothes as often as you take them off your body.

For example, sometimes an office shirt needs just deodorizing (e.g. steam cleaning) in the armpit after one wear, and if that deodorizing is done the shirt can be worn again. Instead most people toss the shirt in the laundry hamper, where it stinks up over time and then needs a full cleaning. This machine can fit against the wall of your bathroom or bedroom, and it will change how you think of laundry!

Please also see the slide text, and diagram labels. If something is unclear (I'm typing in a hurry), please let me know in the comments. As always, I welcome collaborations! Thanks!