Handheld Focus- spot cleaner
Handheld, lightweight and portable. For travelers, nomads and even at home.


The Focus can of course be a spot cleaner, but its rotating brushes and some elbow grease (i.e. work with arms) can allow a person to clean larger areas of a garment in a reasonably brief time.

As the Haier Codo was brought up, I should mention that the Codo uses a high frequency pounding and paper chromatography-inspired system to remove stains from a very small area. Unlike the Codo, the Handheld Focus uses rotating gentle brushes and an automatically delivered detergent to mechanically and chemically clean the clothes.

The Focus device purchase includes access to a downloadable smartphone/tablet app that provides tips for cleanup of various fabrics and various kinds of dirt or stains. The charging microUSB port on the Focus can also serve as a link to the tablet/phone, from which the customer can transfer a cleaning protocol to the Focus. That is, the Focus may have a dial (not shown in the sketch) for common types of fabric like cotton, silk, etc AND a couple of custom settings for user-defined scenarios. A totally-wireless version of the Focus, which uses bluetooth for communication, and inductive charging for battery charging, is always another option as a Premium model. :-)