Laundering with much less water and detergent- by adding biopolymer beads that trap dirt from cloths


DETAILS. In addition to what's on the slide...(no time to make images, sorry!)...

  1. bead based systems might come with different beads optimized for different functions. For example, one kind of bead for general laundry loads, and a different kind of bead for, say, highly greasy garments that a restaurant worker wants to remove oil and grease from. A substrate that traps oil has been described as the Oleo Sponge ( ).

  2. The biopolymer or bead active material may be fashioned in a bead shape, but with a magnetic core. A non-magnetic bead-based machine's drum will not affect the magnetic-core beads. But when the clothes are being removed for folding, they can be spread and folded on a magnetic mat, which will help spot and retain any beads that may have been trapped in shirt/pant pockets, etc.

PROOF OF CONCEPT? For example, the Xeros system has apparently gained some traction in commercial processes, like in hotel laundry (where towels, curtains, etc do not have pockets into which beads may get trapped).