The Unified Laundry Process
To use the size of the drum for laundry basket that can be put into the machine.


Laundry is a chore, but it can be streamlined and it can be made both easier and more fun.

The idea is to use the same size for laundry basket, as would be the size of the washing machine drum. This way you know exactly when you have to do laundry: if the basket is full, you have to do it. If we can use an inexpensive material (like reused plastic) that can even go into the washing machine, that is good... If we can use the same basket for the drying machine, it is even better. If we can use the same unit with one of the folding machines, that would be fantastic!

A unified laundry basket that can go into the drum is just an accessory, but it can make the whole process easier.

Thinking about shared washing machines, if you bring your own basket, that you put in the machine can achieve that percieved cleanliness that might be missing if you have to load your cloths directly into the machine after someone else.

Filling up the washing machine with the washing powder/liquid and detergence in advance for the next 10-15 cycles (like you would tank your car) and not doing it every time can make the process smoother. It does not mean you do not have to do it, but it does mean you do not have to do it every time...

I think making washing machines smart can be a good idea, although I personally would not make it too complex. Maybe having access to advanced settings is a good idea, but the basic app should just probably notify you when action on your part is needed. However, the app could still be helpful if it is made gamification in mind. It is easier to do chores if there are rewards, and the app could provide a reward system, so users, who do their laundries on time can feel good about themselves and motivate those, who see this as a challenge.