Smart tags and Smart buttons make laundry smarter
Machine-readable, batteryless, digital tags buttons convey garment care instructions universally.


My vision is that Miele will sell (1) clothes washers/dryers with tag readers, or USB ports to accommodate readers; (2) a smartphone accessory tag reader/writer controlled by an app on the smartphone, AND (3) packs of tags that customers can program themselves, and then attach to clothes - in case the clothing did not already come with a smart tag in it (some clothes already do, but I am looking towards the future of the clothing industry, as well as Miele's future). These smart tags may be soft/flexible tags that discreetly reside in the garments, or in the form of buttons that may be sewn on the garments, or small localized circuits embroidered into the garment itself (Reference 1, cost is already down to 30 cents per embroidery) using a sewing machine and special thread!

Benefits: The smart tagging is an ENABLER for a whole lot of other laundry sorting and washing innovations. A global standard for smart tagging is really needed!

REFERENCES/SOURCES. #1. John Volakis's ElectroScience Laboratory at Ohio State University. ( , )