More Comfort and a more sustainable laundry practices UPDATE
Facing todays environmental challenges it’s about time to involve more advanced technology in the standard laundry cleaning procedure in order to save energy. time ,water and other resources and as well make it far more confortable for the user.


I am going for a all new standard washing cycle of no more than 10-15 minutes without using any environment unfriendly detergent and a device that can be easily loaded and unloaded without kneeling or bending down, with the help of simple automated car jack technology. The high performance machine should consume less than 1 KW/h. even on the most intense 30-35 minute 60C maximum-cycle.

The new device includes innovations like :. 1. a 3D.frame for hydraulic adjustable height 2. spinning polymer balls as cleaning components 3. multi jet flushing 4. ultra sonic wave technology 5. UV anti bacterial water treatment 6. a ”zero detergent mode” 7. an active multi water filter system with sludge absorber 8. an option to use biodegradable, phosphate-free detergent made from plant- . . based ingredients instead of petroleum-based products. 9. option for nanoparticle integrated cleaning 10. option to use micro organism to reduce grey water pollution and harmful substances. This Innovations will make most sense when their are combined and coordinated. This will then cut laundry time and cost in half.. Besides the mechanical processes like spinning and more confortable access will reach a new standard with the Zwitter.