Sense Clean - Gadget & Technology
SenseClean is a small house gadget which will use steam technology to clean and dry our clothes.


  • SenseClean - The small gadget, is looks like vacuum cleaner robot but and it will provide us the next-gen clothes washing using steam technology. It will be placed on a flat vertical surface, most likely, a wall from our house.

How it works? 1) You will have to select the stain type using the small, integrated touch screen or just sync it with your smartphone and do the selection using your app. Material, stain type and another simple settings. 2) Insert the bottom part of clothing piece into the middle hole of the SenseClean gadget. 3) Press "Start" button. 4) Lower the clothing piece through the steam gallery from the middle of the gadget. 5) Repeat the process until the time is up. 6) Select the dry steam moist remover. 7) Finish

Strong points of the SenseClean Gadget - Steam Cleaning - using the power of the steam to clear all kinds of stains from your clothes. - User Friendly - small touchscreen with battery info, cleaning info, status and settings - Fast Dry - dry steam technology in order to remove moist from your clothes