The small and THE BIG
Mobile household robot collects your laundry & transports to a shared efficient system for the rest.


The "small" is a household robot. I envision it as a humanoid robot that can converse in natural language, that can be strong and yet gentle in character/programming, that can put even an elderly or non-tech person at ease. It can learn, it can update it's knowledge base, it can operate most home appliances with its hands.

VISION. Though this submission, I invite Miele to consider how its appliances, including laundry appliances, can interface with the future of household robots, and appliance/equipment sharing, i.e. the sharing economy.

The household robot could be trained to be a clothes sorter & transporter on wheels, but also capable of starting a pre-treatment. For example, smart tags on clothes (another of my submissions), plus visual pattern recognition, can allow the household robot to pre-sort clothes. It can also identify stains and pre-treat them, perhaps using an attachment similar to the Haier Codo. The household robot (a.k.a. small because of its small floor footprint) can pick up a basket of laundry (ideally with a lid for privacy), and transport it to a common/shared laundry service station (the BIG robot).

The main work of cleaning clothes and folding is done at the common shared BIG machine, which can be a robotic washer AND folder, i.e. what the Seven Dreamers Laundroid is hoping to ultimately become. The two machines can communicate via the IoT, so the household robot can be notified when its time to pick up the already-folded laundry.

Making it convenient and still cheap/efficient to send your laundry to a high-throughput system in your building or nearabouts, that maximizes efficiency, frees up your time, and saves you the hassle of sorting, loading, supervising a wash, folding, etc.

While some of my other ideas mesh well with this submission, I have chosen to focus on developing this one since it is (as of before the halftime feedback) still unknown which other submissions Miele might be interested in. Thanks!