Miele Momentum - an incubator for innovation
An incubator for innovation in laundry technologies, everyday use appliances, energy, etc.


WHY AN INCUBATOR FOR MIELE INNOVATION? 3 Simple Facts: 1. Some ideas cannot take flight and soar to their deserving heights when they are worked upon in the environment of a larger, more-bureaucratic corporation. 2. As it is commonly known, many startups might fail or not pass muster for future funding, and thus a large corporation's employees may not be as motivated to work as "internal intrapreneurs", knowing very well that any failures will count against their future prospects for advancement within Miele. 3. "“If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.” Jack Welch

WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE MIGHT MIELE ATTRACT INTO AN INCUBATOR? Here are some insightful words from Michael Ricciardi (Science & Technology Writer, Researcher, Tech & Concept Designer – Seattle, USA, awardee at multiple open innovation challenges): "I’ve been around the block a few hundred times. I’ve had over one hundred jobs in my life. What I would say to a headhunter is: Don’t waste my time with offering me an ordinary job, with ordinary pay, ordinary benefits, sitting in a cubical somewhere 8 hours/day…you know, doing what…it’s important work for some people, for some companies. It’s not my bag. Give me the extraordinary job! Put me in the direction of an extraordinary job! I want flexibility, creativity, novelty, and I want profit share. You know, if you cannot find me a company with some form of a profit sharing it’s like … you know…I can get a job on my own."
(Source: https://goo.gl/JcLwaq )

WHO ELSE IS DOING INCUBATORS? Many companies are! For example, see Unilever.

CREDITs? To give credit where it is due, the idea of an innovation accelerator clicked after Robin's comments elsewhere. Therefore, I took many of my ideas I would not have time to elaborate on, and decided to freely share them with everyone here. I have not expanded this idea after the 1st week phase, since I'd like to know Miele's feedback before I elaborate.