A new dimension of smart washing common to more than one consumer


Imagine being able to make your condo more efficient by combining laundry cycles and minimising resources for these procedures?

WASH'HUB is your imagination taking shape .... In the near future the cities will live on intelligent buildings and integrated structures, where the community purpose always has a prominent place. The housing of the next millennium will have a common, self-efficient and intelligent laundry that allows a collective washing of clothing without losing its individuality. Three integrated ducts, in the structure of your room allowed your clothes to go down to the HUB. Before putting each clothes in the duct you have to take into account the choice, if you have doubts just pass in the reader of the wall that will help you to perceive which color of duct to use. The first step is given now you just have to indicate when you need the clothing and continue your routine without worrying about anything else. Your clothing will continue to the HUB through the conduit used (note: I can use more than one query). At the end of the test, a recognition reader will identify the clothing and put a virtual label on it that will allow the correct division of the clothing per apartment. The different clothes of the different apartments are being deposited and identified and enter the respective machine / drum. When one of the machines is ready and loaded to start washing, the intelligent assistant built into the HUB has already prepared the indicated program and the products needed to perform the wash. Each cycle is carried out in a way that is efficient, low consumption and suitable for the type of clothing introduced in the machine. The common washes allow to reduce the individual consumptions of each apartment and to make the building more efficient energetically. Integrated intelligence and demoticism facilitate the acquisition of appropriate procedures and optimisation of tasks, and the robotic system allows the replacement of the human in some phases.