”Collect & Wash“: Water-Soluble Laundry Bags


The situation: The laundry bag as we know it is a big waste of space. No two are alike and you never know how much of its content will actually fit into the washing machine. And often it just lies around empty gathering dust.

The idea: What if you had a custom laundry bag that you could put directly into the machine? The solution: Miele develops (colour coded) laundry bags (white, coloured, black etc.) that are specifically tailored to the load capacity of your maschine.

How it works: 1. The bag „knows“ when its full and can only be sealed if it is not overloaded. 2. The sealed bag is then pushed into the washing drum without having to remove the clothing. 3. Once the wash cycle starts and water enters the machine, the special water-soluble bag begins to dissolve and the clothing is „released“. 4. The special fibre is made of 100% bio-degradedable starch/ detergent/ perfume/etc. that either replaces or complements the usual detergents and wash additives.

The benefit: No more hassle unloading the laundry bag. No more hassle adding starch, detergent or perfume to the wash. Model-specific laundry bags can be made available for purchase - much like vacuum cleaner bags.