Laundry Loyalty Program: ”Wash & Win“


The situation: Washing is a mundane, time-consuming task. It‘s not fun and certainly not rewarding. Not yet.

The idea: What if you could create real added value for Miele customers worldwide with every wash cycle?

The solution: Miele offers a special Wash & Win program for every owner of a connected Miele washing machine.

How it works: 1. Every completed wash cycle in the local or global network of connected machines automatically generates a virtual ticket. 2. At the end of every week all the tickets are automatically redeemed using your Miele Wash & Win app. 3. Each week a small number of lucky Miele owners will win prizes from a pool of household articles or other Miele devices. 4. In most cases you will not win , but instead gain small amounts of „Miele Credits“. 5. These credits can be collected like frequent flyer points and eventually cashed in for washing related supplies, accessories, appliances, rebates etc.

The benefit: Miele introduces a simple micro-currency that adds gamification value to the wash cycle and works as a great customer loyalty, retention and tracking tool - similar to other bonus programs like Miles & More. Requirements: The concept needs a simple tracking app that collects Miele credits and notifies you only A) if you have won a prize B) if you have enough credits to redeem or C) in an intervall of your choice.