Washing and drying machine with two drums for best performance.


More and more people live in tiny apartments in big citys, therefore, every empty space is good. Life has become faster, pushing us to always move forward. So why have washing machine, dryer, laundry bin and place for all the bottles if you can have it all in one. While having two drums set sideways, we can have one drum for white and other for colours and black.

In the last 10 years, equipment for laundry are so advanced, the water consumption was reduced from 110 liters to 50-60 liters. But the process is still very time consuming and messy. With two drums you can wash two loads of different loundry. They both are set on same motor but have two different water pumps, so the water divides and wash two loads separatly. And you can choose to wash only one load, and it will use half of water.

Bottles for black, bottles for white, colour, softener, bottles everywhere. But why should it be that way, when you can have 5L tanks inside machine and when you buy your detergent, just pour it inside. There should be one tank for black and colour, one for white and one for softener. If one is low, it will apear on touch screen, and notify you on smartphone app. After you put your load and selected type of clothes, machine put detergent on their own, so no more pouring.

After clothes is washed, next come drying. It is ventless, easier to use, clean and without mold. With nanofiltration, water used in drying process is being reused in next washing cycle. Nanofiltration removes divalent ions, which make water hard, so nanofiltration is used to soften hard water and remove nearly all viruses and bacteria.

On front side is touch screen that shows you everything about your machine. From time remaining for washing and drying, to quantity of detergent. The machine can also detect if it has a problem and what to do. You can set your cycle manually or set it to go automaticly. When the cycle is over, you get message on your smartphone.