CycleWash-Multifunctional Washing machine
A complete, intelligent and ecological washing machine


This washing machine is useful in all washing processes, you put the clothes separated by color, size or type of material and the machine, whenever it reaches a certain weight, or it realizes that the compartment is full, it automatically washs without a persons interfironce. It has multifunction like washing, drying and vapor ironing. It also has a compartments for clothes that will not be ironed. The washing machine is divided into 4 washing compartments that can work independently of each other , at the same time or all in one (central compartment) to wash large materials such as duvets, sheets, curtains and carpets. It can be powered by solar and electric power and at the bottom of the machine there is a water reservoir that is filtered and can be reused. The convenience of having this washing machine is 100%. It saves you time, energy, water and preserves your clothes in material and color.