Stylish Washing Machine for Urbanites
A stylish top-loader combining nostalgic design, high-tech, and urban living.


This idea is about combining 3 things: 1. Design: literally all washing machines look kind of the same. In terms of ingenuity regarding the design of a washing machine, there has nothing happened in the last 60 years or so. Vintage Wash Machines however look amazing and hip. They can be presented in a living room or bathroom.

  1. High-Tech: By combining the design of an old machine with the technology of today and tomorrow, we are killing two birds with one stone. A touch screen digital interface, or no screen at all but a bluetooth connection and a smartphone app that acts as a sort of remote to operate the machine.

  2. Urban (single) Living: Urbanization is leading to a world, where we are increasingly living in small apartments (maybe single-rooms). As space becomes scarce, we need solutions that are small but functional - and sometimes even fashionable. Young people in particular are dealing with this problem.

Unfortunately, I am not an engineer, so I can't say how, with regard to the technology, such vintage washing machines could be made modern. In terms of product offering, Miele could maybe offer 4-5 different colors or so. I'd keep it very simple though and of course use different images as the one on this machine.

Customers could maybe preview the washing machine via an augmented reality app, in the same way that IKEA lets customers see their furniture in their room.