Miele Wash-Thru (Updated)
A self-laundry service strategically placed to facilitate peoples life and run entirely by an app.


Imagine going to work and coming back with your clothes washed? Just in the same metro station you pass through everyday?Or imagine having a super fast laundry while waiting in your car? But now imagine this all predefined before you arrive, by a mobile app, where you pay, book a laundry service, set pick up time and let your preferences made?

Services: 1.Slow washing - for people who doesn't have time to wait or need to pick up the washed clothes later. You set the time you will leave the clothes and the estimate time you're going to pick up. 2. Fast washing - for people who prefer wait getting the laundry made.

All machines are wash & dryer machines and equipped with the detergent for each kind of clothing. The machines are distributed by color/kind areas by kind in order to be easily found. The assistants are in each Wash-Thru station to help you with any problem, make the later pick-up service and to control the forgotten clothes. When arriving in the washing station just check-in in the app. It will set up your preferences and give a code in the app to unlock your booked machines. When the service ends, you will be notified in the app. For the later pick-up service, you need to get the clothes will be deposited in a special stand-by bin, also unlocked and indicated by the app. The system programs your clothes to be washed in empty intervals the station has and will be deposited in the same bin you leave fot you to pick up them. For this service you pay an extra for the Wash-thru assistants to get the clothes from your deposit bin to the machine and then take it back.

Booking your laundry through the APP: - Choose a laundry bin and how many you need for each: color/ white/ dark/ delicate - Set your program - Choose a service: deliver and pick up later or wait in place - Choose a day and time by visualising the calendar - Checkin when arrive to unlock the machines - Receive the code and the location of your machine - Be notified when it finishes