Textile Wellness Module (Update)


The situation: A washing machine is a necessity. A dryer on the other hand is pure luxury.

The goal: Take the dryer to the next level of luxury.

The approach: Right now a dryer dries with varying degrees of speed and efficiency. But that‘s all it does. It dries. So it‘s time we add some new fabric features - that focus on emotions not efficiency.

The module: Is either integrated into the dryer or available as a separate device that can be placed on top or side of the dryer. Suitable for small to mid-sized fabrics.

The features: 1. Tempered Textiles A) Imagine you could heat up a sweater after a long walk on a cold winter day? Just pick your favourite sweater, select the right settings for your sweater and run it through the special clothes ringer that heats the garment as desired. Like a toaster for textiles.

B) Same story, different weather. It‘s a hot and stuffy summer night. Just select your preferred cooling settings and cool down your pyjamas; or maybe even immerse them in a light water mist - at the touch of a button.

  1. Aroma-Therapy What if you could add your favourite natural fragrance to your favourite feel-good garment? Lavender, Menthol, Rose... whatever soothes or comforts you.

  2. Brushed Elegance Some clothes need to be brushed and pilled to be brought back to life? The module has you covered …

The benefit: The module adds a new dimension of physical and emotional benefits to the way you wear your clothes. Not essential. Just pure next level luxury.