Steam Stream - UPDATE 2
The solution that replaces the common washing machine.


How does every day life look in the upcoming future? How is space perceived in the idea of houses getting more compact ? With our concept we tried sharing a vision that answers these questions.

We wanted to design a washing machine that will not steal time from our lives. Doing laundry and ironing are two of the most hated chores overall because they consist of so many steps and take a lot of time, so we took this aspect into consideration.

The whole idea was to change the cycle of the laundry process so we needed a new mindset all together.Dirty clothes go straight in the washing machine, deposited on hangers being prepared for cleaning. The idea of washing clothes on hangers developed in the process of eliminating ironing completely therefore by washing and drying them so, time and energy spent on ironing is saved. This is achieved using a different way of cleaning, which is steam. The steam not only de-wrinkles clothes, but is efficient when it comes to health risks as well. The steam allows the washer to reach temperatures that reduce common allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, and pollen also sanitizing the clothes, thus being a great choice for people with small children.

From a design standpoint we proposed three options:a classic shiny white, a metallic finish and a high-end full length display . We envisioned this appliance not in a laundry room but displayed as a part of the whole interior design composition. Another concern for us was the user experience from afar. We wanted to have the option of controlling the product via a mobile app that connects the user to the machine from distance.

In the end we wanted to shorten the time the laundry care process takes, offer the customer a new design, new choices for interior design, no ironing and the ability to refresh your clothes depending on temperature or desire in a simple and silent box that can take all forms if the user so wishes.