MIELE - The revolutionary washing machine
A new concept that will revolutionize laundry wash


The compartments and the compartment separators of the washing machine will be made out of a highly resistant and flexible rubber, insulated with Electroactive Polymers (EAP). These Electroactive Polymers, under voltage, will basically turns into artificial muscles, contracting and expanding without being damaged in the long run. In this way, your laundry will be washed more thoroughly unlike the classical way.

Functions: - the detergent will be pulverized in each compartment, through small holes in the central cylinder (detergent container, among other functions) - the extra energy generated through EAP is used to dry out the laundry - the 'drum' is separated into 3 compartments: white, black, colored. - the washing machine will slowly spin CW during the laundry cycle, and CCW during drying cycle. - settings and laundry schedules can be accessed through an interface situated on the central cylinder and the washing machine can also be used remotely. - light weight, portable, viable, slick design.

The main objective of my concept is to make use of the EAP technology which hasn't advanced too much since 1880 even if it shows great potential (and not only in doing your laundry).

The amount of water required is significantly reduced, along with the power consumption (EAP generates a small amount of energy), noise and vibrations, since the washing machine won't be equipped with a classical engine.

**Note: the front side (around the central cylinder) is also made out of rubber insulated with EAP.