The Zwitter
Top Loader with Vertical Spin-Mode and Horizontal Wash Mode


Using the advantages of both types (front+top loaders) with a “cut ends sphere shaped” direct driven drum inside a most rational fitting sphere part shaped tank with the option to flip it 90’ up and down on a curved rail. Advantages of Top Loader Mode : 1. Spinning horizontal means no vertical forces , no gravitation that works against a balanced position of the load. This allows faster spinning with less energy, resultinging in much dryer laundry. ( from a 8 kg load taken from a front loader after spinning, there is still more than a liter of water left . you can extract by spinning it horizontal at 2800 rpm.) To get this out with a dryer will cost at least 10 times the energy. 2. The top loader gives the much better overview ( lo left socks ) and alows a far better ergonomic for loading and unloading. 3. Top loaders require less space. Opening the door of a front loader in a narrow kitchen can even block the way to an easy access. The front loader however offers a far more efficiant cleaning dynamics . As so it also requires less detergent compared with the top loader .