Miele MyTime
Want to make laundry enjoyable? Give it a personal benefit!


We all complain about not having enough time for ourselves because of house work. Laundry means something that has to be done, not at all enjoyable. How about looking forward to laundry? Why? Because it means YOU TIME.

Mix laundry with fitness and save the time people "waste" on cleaning clothes, turning it into body cleansing.

Introducing Miele MyTime: - 30' laundry? 30' workout! Your washing machine becomes your personal trainer and displays exercises you can make during washing program. - Connect your washing machine to tour phone through Wi-Fi and download Miele App. - See in real time the calories you burn and work out on the best motivational music!

Laundry done, fresh clothes. Won't they look great on your toned body? Bye-bye "wasted" laundry time!