Janus: The two faced Hybrid Washing Machine
Do colored and white washing at the same time


Washing clothing so far has often been a painful decision-making process: do I do colored or white washing first. Or what if you share a washing machine with a room mate and you hate having to figuring out who those black socks belong to? What if that problem is solved by a washing machine that can do both types of washing at the same time? This washing machine would have 2 inner and two outer drums, which can be accessed from their opposite sides. Under a product-optimized scenario, one would only need one adjustable motor to accommodate two separate belts. This way one does not need more energy. By having two separate water chambers and by not increasing the overall water capacity, one would also not use more water. So finally, you can take off that clean white shirt and your blue jeans from the same clothes drying rack. And you can also take your own washing out of one drum and your room mate can take his/her washing out of the other drum - at the same time.

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