iWash - touchless washing system
iWash - touchless washing system It`s a three additional functions which is equipped with a washin


iWash - Touchless washing system with a three additions functions which make washing process more effective. iWash system can be installed in the door of the washing machine (on the inner side) and includes: 1 Water ionizer - for purifying water and making it "softer". The powder in soft water dissolves completely and does not remain in the tissue. This reduces allergic skin reaction to powder residue in the cloth. 2 Ultrasonic generator - allows you to destroy pollution in tissue "from the inside". This helps to eliminate impurities from the tissue and making washing process more effective. It also decreases the washing time and hence consumption of electricity and water. 3 Ultra-violet Led lighting - for disinfection of clothing and eliminating germs from the tissue

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