Automatically Choose Wash-Program
Customer will scan the label of the garment then put it in the washing machine.


Customer will scan the washing instructions label of the garment then put it in the washer. The wash-program will be automatically chosen based on the first scanned label or it can be chosen by the customer. If the washer sensor cannot read the label the customer will need to manually input it. S/he will then put in the other clothes scanning the labels beforehand or manually entering the information as per each case. The machine will give a warning if a specific garment is not suitable for the respective wash-program.

The machine will learn by the colour of the fabric for example what wash-program is appropriate so next time customer will no longer have to scan the labels unless it is a new garment that has not had its label scanned before.

Also, the machine can suggest another wash program if most of the clothes have been rejected for the chosen wash program.