A new concept of laundry washing. More efficient, more economical, less noise and vibrations.


Introduction: The spherical case is insulated with a magnet on the interior side. Within the case, the spherical drum is sheltered; its walls are also insulated with magnets. The idea of the concept is to get rid of the old and noisy motor present on 99% of today's washing machines. This can be achieved by turning the whole washing machine into a rotating but silent motor, which uses the magnetic/electro-magnetic principle in order to do so.

Functions: - The washing machine's laundry cycle can be modified and launched both physically and remotely, depending on your needs. - The drum is modular, allowing you to take it out of the washing machine. - Inside the case, on the bottom, there is a water drain mechanism, similar to the one of usual washing machines. - Along the interior of the case there are dozens of small holes through which the air pump hidden under the support pushes hot air in order to dry the laundry. - Also, below the washing machine, well hidden under the support, there are two detergent containers, one balsam tank, two heating pipes, one water pump, one air pump and one pump with multiple functions (water intake/evacuation).

How it works: Depending on the laundry cycle you choose over your smart-phone, the sphere rotates in infinite number of ways within the case. You only have to store/put your clothes inside, choose the preferred schedule and run it. Your laundry will look like new in no time, saving your ears from all the noise which you had to endure with your old washing machine.

Conclusion: - Energy/water costs will decrease significantly. - Virtually zero noise/vibration is being created due to the nature of the machine. - Being super light-weight, it offers 100% mobility. - Super viable; there will be no wear-off due to no friction between the drum and the case.