Laundry Gamification
Let's make the laundry process as much fun as possible with the power of gamification.


The idea is to create an app that uses gamification techniques to help the users do their chores and feel good about it.

Easy setup A first time setup. Users can set how often they want to do washing (or the app can make suggestions based on how big washing machine they have, how many are in the family, etc.). This can help the program measure whether the user it achieving their goals. This could be changed later in settings.

Progress & Achievements This would be the heart of this app. Users could track their progress. They could aim for streaks that they want to keep up in order to unlock achievements. Achievements could also be unlocked by using the learning part of the app. Achievements could also unlock skin variations, special ring tones or other stuff.

Learning Taking a laundry Quiz could help younger users learn about the laundry process. Fun facts could be a more relaxed place with interesting knowledge and pop culture references. The Miele Wiki could be a laundry database (probably online) that could help users when they run into specific laundry problems like how to treat more sensitive clothes, what are the best methods for cleaning specific stains, etc,