SunWash for Singles - combined washing and light simulation
Your mobile can more than making phone calls. “SunWash” can more than washing clothes.


SunWash for Singles washes your dishes too. It saves space. It helps. It makes you feel good with light simulation.

Front: a) Drawer with single dishwasher b) Drawer with single washing machine --- 3 chambers for wool, hot wash, delicates --- 3 micro washing capsules for wool, colours and white clothes c) Light therapy: Changing lights, high luxates for dark winter days

Top: a) Snoozle light projector (relaxing colors and motifs like waves on the wall) b) Luminated buttons --- To open the drawer --- To select the program --- To build connection to your music app and augumented reality glasses

(Updates contain third party photo material - only to illustrate the concept.)