Laundry Wash 3.0.
Futuristic washing machines that help us save time, are eco-friendly and ideal for high-tech homes.


Artificial intelligence has a long history, but its progress becomes very significant and people expect even more from it. My first idea is about washing machines that are connected to users' smartphone and their wireless network. Thus, the washing machine is scanned, the user receives instantly a report on his phone and by clicking on a button, he can send the report to a virtual assistant for the software issues and by clicking on another button, he can send the report to a technician or customer support specialist for hardware issues from his living area or to the closest service office. Announcing water leakage by sending notifications on the mobile phone could also be included. The second idea is about creating a hybrid washing machine. The washing machine would be smaller and could work with the help of batteries in rural areas or when there are issues with electricity. The third idea for futuristic washing machines is the possibility to purify water, collect it in a special recipient (that could have different sizes, depending on the user's needs and budget) and re-use it to water the garden or the flowers. Thus, an eco-friendly solution that also saves water consumption bills for families. The fourth idea - an internal accessory, similar to a vacuum cleaner, that "absorbs" the hair, pets' hair or sand found in outdoor sports equipment or towels. When laundry will dry it will be completely clean. This would be useful for barber's shop and beauty salon for pets, but also for people that live around beach areas. My fifth idea: customized, niche luxury washing machines for V.I.P.s, people with an increased and who're early adopters. They can choose the color, size, shape and also the accessories they want. It could be promoted through PR campaigns, testimonials or case studies, even TV news.