The smart laundry integrated to your home in a modular machine.


Introducing ALFRED: your personal laundry assistant in a modular machine. We can now simplify laundry process in just 3 steps: take your clothes off, give them to Alfred, wear it again. Everyone wants to change how you do laundry introducing new technologies in the machine, but they never change the most important part of laundry: our clothes. The laundry of the future is totally integrated to your life, including your clothes. It's totally possible and viable to introduce smart technologies like QR codes or Nano Chips in the clothes manufacturing to completely change the laundry process. It is time to use cheap and definitive solutions to obtain an environment conducive to significant evolutions. Alfred is not only a voice assistant like Siri or Cortana, he has a purpose: recognize your clothes, select the best wash-program automatically, manipulate laundry and return it ready for you to use.