While loading the next batch of clothes to be washed, Miele WTH730 starts a Netflix movie for Elena.


With Miele, washing one's clothing should be a moment of relaxation, fun and happiness. Steps to follow: Prepare the batch of clothing for the next venture in the washing machine, load the machine (let it scan them - if implemented) - choose the program - choose the speed and press once the on button. As you press once the button, the machine, will do its magic: First: Computes the program, the speed and the cycle time to capture the time frame Second: Connects to the internet and weather Third: Uses search parameters, combining your mobile calendar with what the town has to offer, in order to surprise you, Fourth: creates a list of events, and recommends it to the owner Fifth - the owner choses one or just lets the machine make the selection for him/her Sixth - the machine makes the reservation, pays for it and once the owner is ready to leave the house, the washing cycle starts. Why stay indoor and get tired, when you can go out have fun and let Miele, take care of the rest. If you are wondering why: It needs the first step? - beside setting up a timeframe, the machine can choose a type of event in concordance with the type of program being used, or opposite of it It needs to connect with the weather : go out or stay in, it all goes back to one simple word: rain, fog, snow, sunny
If 2 friends buy Miele machines in tandem, the machines will make recommendations in tandem.