Smart Washing -UPDATE-
Smart washing. Same utility different results


Smart washing ideea comes from your dependence of smartphones and also internet utility. Also for all of us the time is very precios . Imagine a washing machine that can be paired with our smarphone then it scans your labels with your camera phone and then it sends the instruction to the washing machine. Also the space is verry important for us. We need more space because we are more people on the planet. So I think a compact washing machine with a better drying system it will make your life better.

Why is different? It is different. - First of all, because the mobile app can store data about your washing machine in real time. (Imagine how much you will short the time for explaining the problems of your washing machine) - Second. The mobile app it will announce you when your washing program is done. - Third. You will have more space in your house. Because you combine the washing system with your drying system. Also with the scan option you will get the perfect program for your clothes.