SH Game is a mobile game that will change completely the idea about what means doing laundry, today.


The Smart Home Game is a multi-level connectivity game that sync with the washing machine- during the laundry time, educate users about washing, sustainability, keeps them active - challenge them with real-life with household chores activities (timed), track their moves, offer points rewards also can be social engage with the community. (All this doing laundry).

One of the biggest advantages of Smart Home Game is that is working even in the smallest places and compare with other innovations, has a lot of benefits in the long term beyond a practical way to do laundry. Also makes people engage and enjoy the process.

The game is connected with the washing machine, and use the wash setting and transform them into "sustainability bonus" points bases on (timer, temperature, natural products/bleach etc). A sustainable way to wash means more points - useful in the game in different stages. Before starting the game there is also an educational part about sustainability - eco-friendly. During the game, users have also real-life challenges (household chores activities) and they have to unlock them to level up. Challenges are timed, moves are tracked and at the end must ulpoad the photo challenge as a proof-and share it with the community. This part makes them to being active in everyday life.

The mobile apps at multi-level connections, with real-life motivation are the new approaches to doing laundry - in a fun, responsible and active way, for a better future. For kids is educational, fun and with a postive behaviorism impact. Can develope good habits, active kids and responsible -eco-friendly young adults.

Initally the game is develope for kids (7-14 age) but this game | APP CAN BE ALSO EXTENDED FOR ADULTS, to keep them active | fit and to learn them how to do things in a more sustainable way for them and for the future. Is suitable for family, kids, parents, young adults, or even adults who want to changes their habits about washing, sustainability etc.