Miele JustFor1
Product that looks like a piece of modern furniture, and transform everyday tasks in simple routine.


Miele JustFor1 is a laundry machine that looks like a piece of modern furniture and helps with tedious collection, sorting and washing laundry. It has many options that transform everyday tasks in a simple routine for singles. The emphasis in this idea is to save precious time and to remove unnecessary actions during laundry routine. Design Designed to look like a piece of modern furniture, so that it does not seem to be located in the inappropriate place (if that is a case). Tray drums Trays serve as laundry baskets, one for each color group of laundry. The machine can be programmed to automatically begin the wash cycle when the basket/tray is full. When things change (number of household members) Drums in the drawers can be used separately or together (eco-washing). Lazy ironers and smokers Program for steaming the clothes for easier ironing, and/or refreshing the clothes with the fragrant steam from the stored softener. Real hand wash Special program for the “real” hand wash with a slow-rotating drum and duration of only 5-7 minutes. Busy vents Special system for drainage of moisture for the people who do not always have the time to take the laundry out soon after the washing is done. Built in dispensers Machine contains the dispensers for the detergent and the softener, capable of being filled with quantity for the certain number of washing. Dosing mechanism consist of a base, which ejects the content with its rising (like a syringe with opened end). The amount of consumption can be set at different levels (eco-level etc...). Stray socks sensor If the tray happens to be on the program for light colored clothes, sensor detects the change in color or darkness of the water, the program stops and an alarm goes on. Elevated filter The filter is located at an elevated level in order to drain water from the filter easier.