Miele WJB - The jukebox washing machine
Miele WJB is the solution that offers the comfort of a personal washing machines without owning one


All you have to do is put your laundry in Miele bags, specifically created for this jukebox to provide the hygiene required, then enter the bag in one of the vats available , set the desired program and the machine will show you the price , with the possibility to pay cash or card. After you have deposited the money the machine will request a valid phone number to let you know how long the washing cycle will take and at what time is ready via SMS , it will repeat this operation in the last five minutes of the cycle thereby announcing the user and avoiding discontinuation of cycles. In that SMS will be also displayed a security code that will be required to unlock the door at the end of the . After each cycle,for improved hygiene , Miele WJB performs a cycle of total sanitizing for five minutes.