Oli wash Buddy and WashBuddy app
All in one washing - drying - ironing - folding machine that works with WashBuddy mobile app.


Oli is a friendly washing machine that only works with the mobile app WashBuddy. the washing machine washes clothes, dries them, irons them, perfumes and folds them. It has a clothes basket integrated so you put your dirty clothes directly in the washing machine. It has 3 compartments for white, black and colored clothes. The bottom of the clothes basket opens and let's the clothes fall into the tube for the wash cycle. A drawer like space at the bottom of the washer has 4 integrated containers: detergent, clothes softener, perfume and desinfectant. The machine extracts the needed substance from the specific container. You don't need to put detergent in every time you wash. Each container has a capacity of 2l. After the cycle is finished you take the clothes out and put them in the Foldimate system for folding situated at the top of the washing machine. The wash cycle is monitored and started with the help of WashBuddy app that comes with the washing machine. You can wash clothes from anywhere you are and monitor the wash process. The process of washing takes only a few minutes, you can be elsewhere when it happens, your clothes are ready to be weared immediately, they smell good and are clean and desinfected. The washer desinfects itself once a month. The washing machine and app let's you do things you like and not stress about washing clothes even when you are not at home.