Miele Club and Miele Dot
Miele Club socializes the laundry experience, and Miele Dot revolutionizes the interface


Miele Club is a place, where people not only can do their laundry, but where they can also socialize. They can meet friends, do their laundry in company, and when the laundry is in the washing machine, they can get a coffee together and catch up. Others may want to spend heir time on the internet, or on one of the treadmills to get fitter. Miele Club is a laundry place where you want to spend your time, not have to. Miele Dot is a device that manages your stay at the Miele Club, with smart features, such as recommended programs, the possibility to choose your laundry detergent and a control device for when the laundry is in the washing machine. Both work together hand in hand to create a place like it has never been before, where the time to wait for your laundry to be finished flies by. Of course, one cannot just roll out a thousand Miele Clubs at once, especially with the size of the stores. As a proof of concept, Miele could open one Club in a reasonably sized city like Cologne, Seattle or Florence. Some research should be done on the percentage of households who own a washing machine, to find a city where self-service-laundromats are actually needed.