First aid connection
Remote trouble-shooting via First aid (app + networked washing machine) or payed community help.


You have a problem which you want to solve yourself? You haven't understood the technical instruction of the Miele trouble-shooting website or the Miele push error message? No waiting on a technician. No expensive tour to your home. Little troubles you can solve with the help of a Miele remote service. A Miele technician will log in your washing machine, tell you what's wrong, accompany you to make step by step or change program adjustments. If the problem is too big, you can fix a date for the visit of a technician.

Your washing machine problem is not urgent and you need no official expert? Ask the Milian community! It's not a usual forum. Milians are registrated Miele customers who have basic knowledge or even self-employed technicians with pro knowledge about your washing machine. You can describe your problem and wait which active Milian signalizes to answer your question. If there are many active and interested Milians you can choose one with your prefered ranking. You get the solution and the Milian a little payment. A win-win-situation.