Miele Professional Laundry Service
Outsourcing most onerous laundry activities with a service by gig workers and professional cleaners.


This service innovation is not trying to solve all problems connected with laundry, but aiming at eliminating the most annoying ones. Like most people I talked to during the research, who live in Single Apartments in bigger cities, the thing that annoys me most about my dirty clothes is actually not washing my everyday “Standard” clothes at 40°C or 60°C, but my blankets, functional wear, wool, black or white clothes. I don’t have enough of them to fill an entire machine, I don’t have the right determents or I just don’t know how and when to use all these washing programs my Miele machine is offering to me. If I carry them to the laundry service, it takes extra time, I have to carry my fresh cleaned and ironed clothes back using public transport or wait in the traffic jam for a long time, if I make it on time after work, before the shop is closing. This is my vision: My house keeper just takes all the stuff, which has to be taken extra care of, with him after he finishes cleaning my apartment and just puts it back in my wardrobe the next time. (Actually my housekeeper is offering this service, but it take him a lot of effort to do this at home) How can this be realized in a simpler way? Quick Win – Cooperation with House Keepers The easiest way would be to cooperate with a professional housekeeping platform like helpling. Helpling could integrate an extra service option, offering laundry service. Medium-term – Building an own “on demand” service Analogue to food delivery, the clothes are being picked up on demand on a specific time, once a high number of customers have been acquired through the cooperation. Long-term – Integrating washing hubs in gated communities Once the Shareconomy has become common sense, placing your wool pullover in a washing machine for wool clothes in the basement, won’t be a problem anymore. Shared laundry hubs result in a better utilization of the washing machines saves money, water, time, energy and doesn’t wear out the clothes.