EZ-Load Multiwash
Automating the washing, drying and storage of up to five loads of washing using modular units.


Household members can simply throw their dirty laundry into one of five bins (e.g. colors, whites). The system them takes each full bin and loads the washer. The washer cleans the clothes and fills the dryer. Once the clothes are dry the dryer empties the load into a storage basket.

There are two key systems that are used: 1. A jukebox system for the dirty laundry bins and the clean laundry baskets 2. Washer and dryer drums that rotate on two axes, allowing for the process automation.

Loads of washing and drying can also be done manually, skipping the dirty laundry and/or the dried laundry storage units.

A detailed description with diagrams is in the attached uploaded PDF files

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