The Meissen Porzellan Manufaktur is turning to you - the jovoto design community - in order to find new, beautiful designs which continue Meissen’s unrivaled history of designs for its newest tableware collection launching in 2018. Meissen wants to re-spark the joy and fascination for table culture and the beauty of great porcelain with beautiful and modern designs people love to use on their tables.

Your task

Develop a beautiful, modern surface design for three objects of Meissen’s new collection. The challenge lies in creating a fresh design which at the same time builds a bridge to Meissen’s design heritage. 

Your chance

This is your chance to use your design skill to earn cash prizes from the total award pool of €10,500. This includes two €500 Halftime Awards, a Client's Choices (incl. license fee) of €2,500 and six €500 Client's Shortlist Awards (excl. license fee).

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You can access this project by submitting your jovoto Pro application. We will review your portfolio within 24h. Looking forward to seeing your work!