Why Collaborate?

Create a simple & compelling message around Why Collaboration matters most for business success.

$18,000prize pool

Create a simple & compelling message around Why Collaboration matters most for business success.


We are at the very beginning of a big shift (or Big Switch, according to Nicholas Carr). While many businesses continue to depend on personal computers in the office, we’re using them in a very different way than before. Instead of relying on data and software that reside inside our computers, we increasingly tap into data and software streaming through the public Internet. PCs now draw most of their power and usefulness not from what’s inside them but from the network they’re hooked up to: the computers and people connected to that network. This has had a huge impact on how people and businesses work together. 


Cisco is one of the world’s largest technology corporations. They design and sell networking, voice, and communications technology and services - - the architecture keeping businesses running. Historically Cisco installed their services and technology on-location in offices. But as businesses grow more mobile and disperse there is a growing need for virtual or cloud-based services. The new workspace is all about Collaboration.


What is Collaboration? Collaboration brings people together to work towards achieving a common goal. When we say Collaboration we’re talking about the technologies that connect people like:

  • Voice & video - Communicate with customers and colleagues face-to-face through real-time high definition audio and/or video 
  • Social Tools - Create & share business content through social media
  • Mobility - Freedom to access information and work regardless of location
  • Sharing Applications - Create, edit and share content in real-time with others

This is about creating a new model for working. Cisco wants to start the conversation about how these Collaboration tools make sense for business. This is the starting point: tell me why this age of collaboration will transform my business. 


Why Collaboration? Collaboration has three distinct value propositions:

  • Improve decision making -  Leading companies are the ones that can respond the fastest and make informed decisions. Collaboration enables employees to locate relevant experts and information quickly, interact productively with their extended teams, and make better decisions. 
  • Mobilize workspaces - Connectivity needs to be dynamic and simple while safely integrated across organizations, continents, and devices. Collaboration enables people to work together naturally anywhere, using any device, and with any kind of content. 
  • Better customer experience - Being able to work with customers in purposeful ways makes for happy customers. Collaboration enables flexible ways to connect with customers through efficient yet personalized, relevant communications.


Task Definition

Create concepts showing that business collaboration is worth investing in. Cisco wants concepts which clarify the benefit for their customers: simply, elegantly, relevantly. Businesses will see how Collaboration improves their customer interactions and their business results. 


Submitted concepts need to deliver the following:

  • A visualization of the reason why a business should invest in collaboration. Feel free to explore options where more than one benefit is included in a mock-up. Also do not feel limited to the above. No media is off-limits.
  • A headline clarifying the benefit (i.e. the reason why) plus 2-3 lines of supporting copy.


Keep concepts simple, to the point and relevant. Successful submissions will serve as future campaign themes - developed into templates which will include email/direct mail, web banners, video assets, and telesales scripts.


Above all, it’s important that concepts focus on the business benefits of Collaboration. The clients want this to be brand agnostic - which means do NOT include Cisco branding. No logos. No brand colors.



Target Group

The target audience for this campaign are those people who are a bridge between the business and technical aspects of IT.  They understand the technical requirement to implement and operate an IT solution; and they have a vision for the bigger picture, the fundamental understanding of how their business works.  The majority of these people are IT executive decision makers who work across a range of responsibilities (e.g. IT Director, IT Administrator, or Finance Operations Manager).



  • Compelling
  • Clear
  • Simple
  • Technically relevant
  • Target-focused 


Mandatory requirements

  • All ideas must be brand neutral.  Think of the product benefits from the target perspective.
  • Be visual. The visual component should be memorable. 
  • Explain in 2-3 sentences how the concept answers the Why Collaboration?

Here is some other reference materials: 




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Hi cassandra, the first link: power on In-Person is sending an not found page : http://%20http//youtu.be/eneM_MZibU8

Cassandra, is this contest same as the latest one? I mean in term of idea presentation and task because the key line: "showing that business collaboration is worth investing in" sounds a little confusing, could you shade some light on the task definition, please!

No worries - there is no similarity other than it is a communication out reach contest again. This contest Cisco is looking to have the idea of collaboration through their many products showcased and how those products can really aid in a businesses success.

Remember that the Cisco name and colors should not be in the concepts but it should be about the idea of collaboration and what it can do for businesses with the right tools. Keep in mind that COLLABORATION is key here.

ellkentknows, please try this one http://youtu.be/eneMMZibU8

The link is fixed. For some reason it did not save correctly.

Telepresence IN-PERSON Rocks!!! AWESOME video!!! Collaboration is the only way to built a much better future for the upcoming years!!! Love this contest!!! Thanks Cass!!! :)

The project is about "Collaboration", so why not add the work in collaboration as one of the Mandatory requirements. People can feel first hand how it is to work in team and come with a real and compelling message.

interesting idea and makes sense. Feel free to collaborate on this project.

I think that will be great, kind of shows the spirit of the contest and the idea itself, since after all, Jovoto is somewhat an creation of collaborative minds

What a wonderful idea. I already have someone in mind. I'll start scouting tomorrow :))

will you sell me some cookies.

Of course. Next week there will be lemonade for sale.

We have the team feature for the very reason! : ) We always suggest that you use it but not necessarily require it so that creatives can work as they wish.

Hello all! This is my first contest on jovoto i just wanted to ask, since there is on most of contests here said that there is community prize and jury prize and on this contest it is not specified, i was just wondering are the prizes for community voted projects or that doesn't matter cause jury will decide at the end. Thanks and good to be part of jovoto and this contest.

Hello Thinking_Bulb,

Typically there would be a jury prize for contests with jury members. In this case we are lucky and have experts from Cisco getting involved with the contest. There is no jury prize for this contest in particular but there is community prize awards for the top 20 ranked community members after the rating process is finished and closed. There is also the award for which ever idea(s) that Cisco would like to license for their use.

Welcome to the community! We are excited to have you aboard! : )

We are going in a little bit late but with collaboration we can do it! :)

oh nice to see you cassandra - thought you are on vacations :-))

Nice ideas submitted in the contest... All the best to all!!! One thing i would like to know that the Task Definition says more than one ideas / concepts to be explored.... so i believe one needs to submit atleast three layouts in a series to make it look like a campaign, why are some designs being voted where they have only submitted one layout... I think the voting should be done on the whole campaign rather than just one design layout...

Hope i am not sounding wrong. Best of Luck to All!!!

nice idea, but i guess this is a point you can ecide by yourself, so if it is not written in the briefing.

but i also ask my self, at which point the client is watching the entries? is he realy watching all, so why is he not the one who decide the prizes, and fake acoounts are useless.

Or is he watching only the top 10? (a choice from a community, beginners and architects, fake accounts and good mates)

Or watching a choice from an expert? ( but who is an expert for the special tasks of Cisco?
To be honest, here are some very very good solutions, but no one see it, they are just lost and forgotten. But how stupid and useless is this contest to give prizes for some solution which is always the same idea and even wrong. But the best solution is forgoten in the ranking down in the cellar?

Even for the client it must a pain, i think here in the Jovoto contest, is a lot potential which is just skipped and forgotten ( i don't my persons, i mean the contest - potential which is also good for the client )

My main concern is why does not the community vote for the deserving candidate for the community prize??? What i have seen here is very few contest getting ranked or purchased by the client, so for the creatives who put there hard work in Community Award means the most.

So with due respect to all the members i would like to see the deserving designs getting the community prize which lives upto the brief client has provided.


that's the point, to split, voting crowd are abel to win another prize!

i do not say that they are voting wrongly.... like in all the contest if you see there are couple of entries in TOP 10 that do not live by the brief.... there are some amazing designs voted by the community and i have seen some amazing work here but still feel that some designs do get more footage than others.... my two cents...

congratulate all the winners

Incredible. Jovoto should do somehting about that. It´s not okay, that prize money is given to a stockphoto, which even isn´t mentioned as such!!

I understand your concern with stock images, also realize that most people use such images, well Cuidate!! I hope you are not an alias

sorry didn't know he had to put the credits where I got the picture ... I'm new to the site

Congrats to all the winners

Dear community,

2 ideas have been taken out of this contest. We can not reward ideas that are stockphotos that aren't credited. In case you use stockphotos you should always credit so it's clear for the rest of the community in which way you worked with the photo to make it unique enough to call it "your idea".

Cheers, Your jovoto team.

Thanks for the warning, it seemed strange that award seats hubiersen disappeared.

When going to get a resolution?

All the best

I think it is a smart move

sorry didn't know he had to put the credits where I got the picture ... I'm new to the site

if you can see all my works has no credits for the same reason I did not know! But thanks for the clarification i will update all my job! at no time wanted to deceive the community, it's more you can check that I truly am new to the site.