We Were Born Connected.
We are clearly together.


This video brings to the viewer the great achievemnts behind every connection they made until now.
Without those connection, life would be harder, boring and lonely. We are social creatures and connecting to someone keeps us going forward, whether we're doing business or just having a time for ourselves. So instead of showing the IT clients just the technical aspects of Cisco's amazing technologic advances, we're showing how they're deep in our lifes. And how great it is to have them with us.

P.s.: Sorry about the accent, as you may noticed, I'm not properly a an english native speaker.
So here's the text behind the voice:

"We were connected from day one.

And we liked it. A lot.

Beyond our wildest dreams, a revolution began.

Today we�re together and everywhere. At the same time.

Decisions became faster.
Actions became wiser.
And results...better.

A social universe that fits inside our pocket. Real time interaction.

Everything made easy and simple.

So you could experience the best technology connection can bring: the people on the other side of the screen. "