And let your ideas come true!
collaboration is the way to make ideas come true


new idea:  'collaboration' replaces numbers, letters or other things of objects, to point out different benefits of collaboration in an easy visual way... 
next to the bulb will be a calculator, a clock & a safe...

i changed the idea because the visual ideas i had for the development, i already found in www during recherche!!! :(

old idea: with every new/additional collaboration your business is growing, developing, because of expanding your skills, thoughts or facilities... the joining could be by idea/opinion/thinking, but also by  financial support or just working craft... collaboration means making your project/thoughts/ideas as big as possible, develop them to the maximum...
i see potential because nearly everybody knows these evolution pics and knows a little bit that it means the development of mankind... i also like the aspect of selection, both topics are dealing with...

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