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eBay works as a peer-to-peer platform which means that eBay does not sell products itself but provides an online marketplace where commercial and private sellers offer their goods in a intuitive and transparent environment. To further enhance the shopping experience for loyal customers eBay introduced eBay Plus, which offers faster shipping, free returns as well as an exclusive customer service.

Now eBay wants to increase the visibility, reach and awareness for eBay Plus in a smart way.

What’s the task?

eBay turns to you to develop a haptic object as give-away which every eBay Plus-user receives per mail after signing-up. Additionally eBay wants you to work out a concept which shows how your proposed give-away will leverage the overall experience and adds value to the services of eBay Plus.

This is a confidential project, to learn more about the task, apply to become a jovoto Pro and once you are, sign the NDA to access the full brief.  

What’s in it for me?

Besides being eligible to earn a number of cash prizes from the €10,500 prize pool, this is a chance to have your idea licensed and realized by eBay Plus.