Perfect Love
A love story of the Moon and Aurora


The main idea of this design is the beauty of Aurora light. I describe the Aurora as some gradation lines and the Moon as the circle. They are printed on the bottle, look like they are just dancing together.

What is the STORY behind your design?

Once upon a night, the Aurora is dancing on the sky, showing his amazing light, trying to attract his beloved sweet heart, the Moon, who beautifully light so bright that night. Then they both talking, dancing, making love for expressing their perfect love. No one there that night, not even a single little star. Only Wodka watching them quietly from the cold of Arctic.

What makes your idea DIFFERENT to any other limited edition vodka?

  • It describe a strong story behind it.
  • If it is looked from far away, the design seem so flat.
  • But if it is take a look closely, people will find a beautiful graphic with some smooth lines with nice color gradations. Seem like those lines are dancing.

Is the design 100% created by you or is there anything we should know about any third-party material used?

Yes 100% created by me.

Are you applying for the Client’s Choice Professional Award (yes/no)? If so, please answer the following questions.


Q1: The printing on the bottle: Number of screen printing stations needed?

Basically, It just use about 5 colors (white, black, light blue, mid blue and dark blue) , but the are overlay-ed and in gradation each other.

Q2: For each of the two labels: Number of channels in offset printing, screen printing, flexo printing (special finish) and hot foil embossed printing?

Basic color of the label is Silver with white outlining. For logo and Brand, they have bevel on it. There are also some lines make from black, mid grey and light grey draw-ed lightly (can only be seen if it is looked closely)

Q3: The lid: Number of colors needed?

The lid is about the same as the label.

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