Blow Ice Bubbles...time for some fun!
With temperatures dropping this weekend, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the cold weather with a fun experiment!


Did you know that you can freeze bubbles? These temperatures are perfect for using that left over bubble mix from the summer.

What is the STORY behind your design?

Go outside on any day when it’s below 32 degrees F and try this: blow a bubble and then catch it on the bubble wand. Too cold to go outside? You can learn how to make your own crystal ball bubbles in the freezer with your vodka.

What makes your idea DIFFERENT to any other limited edition vodka?

The more ideas you create, the more likely you are to create an idea worth a million.

Is the design 100% created by you or is there anything we should know about any third-party material used?

100% original idea created from scratch.

Are you applying for the Client’s Choice Professional Award (yes/no)? If so, please answer the following questions.


Q1: The printing on the bottle: Number of screen printing stations needed?


Q2: For each of the two labels: Number of channels in offset printing, screen printing, flexo printing (special finish) and hot foil embossed printing?


Q3: The lid: Number of colors needed?


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