Fabulous Fish!

Create a strong communicative idea for WWF'S campaign to raise awareness for more sustainability in the fishing industry.

€2,500prize pool

Create a strong communicative idea for WWF'S campaign to raise awareness for more sustainability in the fishing industry.


WWF – World Wide Fund for Nature
WWF Germany is part of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) – one of the biggest independent conservation organizations in the world. The organization, which was founded in 1961 in Switzerland, is now represented in 140 countries around the globe. It has around five million supporters worldwide.

The public, as well as politicians and economists regard WWF as the driving force for the preservation of biological diversity and quality of life on our planet. The organization masterminds and pioneers ecologically sustainable development worldwide.

Key issue for 2011/2012: Fisheries and the marine environment
In 2011/2012 the WWF is dedicating its efforts to the problem of over-fishing in European and international waters. Fishing by the EU fleet has led to an alarming crisis in fish stocks:


  • 72% of fish stocks in European and 28% of fish stocks in international waters are already over-fished (another 52% are under threat from over-fishing).
  • 40% to 60% of the catch is discarded unused.
  • Individual fish species like the bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean have already been so heavily over-fished that they are at risk of extinction in the area.

The EU has undertaken to reform common fishery policies every 10 years. The EU reform from 2002 is considered by the WWF to have failed - fish stocks continue to be in decline. A further EU reform is planned to come into force on 01.01.2013.

The aim of the WWF is to effect an EU fishing law that is as strict as possible and which reflects sustainable and ecological resource management. This is why the WWF is dedicating its campaign work to the key issue of fisheries and the marine environment in 2011/2012.

Competition partners: MHMK and jovoto
The concerns of the WWF are shared and supported by the MHMK (Macromedia University for Media and Communication) and jovoto. The MHMK is one of the leading German private universities with the goal of training the media professionals of tomorrow, to encourage them to assume responsibility for themselves and the environment and to shape the media landscape of the near future with comprehensive expertise and personality. Innovation and social responsibility are integral parts of the didactic philosophy – this includes introducing students to open, collaborative working methods and motivating them to work on independent projects.

This is why in particular the students from the MHMK (from the four Bachelor degree courses of Media and Communications Design, Film and Television, Journalism and Media Management, as well as the Master courses in Media and Design and Media and Communication Management) are also invited to take part in this contest.


Task Definition

The creative contest is aimed at all media-interested, aspiring young creatives: future media managers, journalists, designers and filmmakers.

Develop a campaign idea through which the topic of fisheries and the marine environment is communicated to the public in such a way that encourages them to offer their active support and champion the cause of sustainable fishing and fish consumption. Addressing the different target groups can be done in very different ways:

  • Sensitize the public to the topic and encourage people to talk about it
  • Mobilize your target group to participate in public activities
  • Persuade consumers to support sustainable fish consumption
  • Address your campaign directly to decision makers from the realms of politics and the economy

Your campaign idea should be innovative, effective, positive and viable. It will be ideally suitable for different communication channels (social media, viral or guerilla marketing, events, PR...) and promotes dialogue.

How you realize your idea and which means of communication you use is up to you: whether  graphic poster design, concepts for cross-media campaigns, viral marketing activities, development of an interactive smartphone application, a journalistic article, the production of a short film, the organization of an event ... the list is endless. The sky is the limit, anything goes!

However, we are not looking for a motif for a large-scale classic (print or TV) fundraising campaign! Nevertheless the campaign does of course need a motif to communicate the topic on paper, online or even in advertisements. The “2010 – Year of the Tiger” examples on the WWF website show what campaign ideas for the WWF could look like.

Additional prizes

In addition to the prize money awarded by the community the jury (consisting of representatives from MHMK, WWF and jovoto) will be awarding further distinctions.

The jury prize

Coming soon.

The MHMK Junior Award

As an additional prize in this contest the MHMK is offering individual career coaching (worth €250). The jury will be awarding this Junior Award nine times in total, to the three best aspiring talents in the following categories:

  • Media strategy and/or event concept
  • Text, PR, or communication concept
  • Design/graphic concept

To be considered for the Junior Award you must fulfill the following criteria: you are under 40 years old, have less than 5 years professional experience (excluding internships, stays abroad or traineeships) and you still haven’t started your degree.

Kick-off, jury meeting and closing event

March 23, 2011
Kick-off event at the MHMK campus in Berlin, presentation of the task by representatives from WWF, small introduction to the functionality of the platform. Start of the idea submission phase.

April 27, 2011
After the phase of evaluation by the community the jury will hold a meeting to decide on the winners of the jury prize and the MHMK Junior Awards.

May 4, 2011
Closing event with awards ceremony and exhibition at the MHMK campus in Berlin.

Target Group

The campaign is aimed at:

  • The public, especially LOHAS and seniors with a high income
  • Multipliers, like politicians and journalists  


Depiction of the topic should concentrate on the solution and goal instead of the threat and problems. The atmosphere and imagery of your concept show that possibilities exist to prevent the crisis threatening fish stocks. This is why the tonality of your campaign idea can also be emotional, but solution-oriented and positive. The unofficial motto “Happy fish and living oceans!” can help you to decide on the tonality.

Mandatory requirements

  • Your campaign idea can be used throughout Europ.
  • There should be no other campaign logo in addition to the WWF logo.

Useful links



Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.


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thank goodness this contest has finally started. it may seem ironic, but showering in a fish costume is not so easy.

I'm happy that you're also as excited as us Teigan!

Great contest! Just a question: is there a way to watch the WWF presentation during the kick-off event? Or did they give about the same information we already got on the vimeo video? Thx.

Hey Janne! We dont really have a stream to the WWF presentation, but the same information will be presented as you will find here on the website.

Cheers, Jeroen

For everyone who didnt see it yet. Here's the introduction video from the nice WWF people. http://vimeo.com/20923601

thanks for the resource. it will clear some things up

what are the official WWF solutions though? all i see on the website are things they want people to stop doing. what do they support? are they okay about domesticating fish (aquaculture). and what about genetically modified fish?

Seems, that you didn´t read the links properly. They give you a lot of information on what the WWF actually does.

i read too well. the information provided takes no stand on solutions. it only criticises current practices, and even intentionally misleads. for example, not all bycatch is discarding. a percentage is reused or sold as bait.

Have a look at the english WWF website panda.org - for me one of WWF´s best websites: http://wwf.panda.org/what_we_do/footprint/smart_fishing/issue/

thanx. i saw some low cost measures there to save some sea turtles and birds. nothing nearly as realistic to help fish. they can't hope to enforce the complex restrictions they want to place on fishermen alone at sea desperate to make a living. WWF seems to want more fishing specificity, when less specificity is what's needed. bycatch abuse is the result of trendy foods like shrimp and tuna being overvalued. we need to change our finicky eating habits. lobster was once thought to be junk fish.

you're allright teigan, let's out and work for Greenpeace…

all the negative ideas are getting morbid.... :(

time to put up some solutions and raise the mood!!!!

Absolutely agree with you!

Hey community,

Great to see that so many people already submitted an idea in the contest. But i just want to point out once more. Please have a look at other WWF campaigns, WWF is not a organization that focuses on really shocking and disturbing visuals. They always try to raise awareness for the problem in a positive way. The campaign should focus on the solution and goal, and not the threat.

Cheers, Jeroen

Hi! i have one question: are donations also welcome?

Hey wanda. What do you exactly mean, come up with a campaign to donate money to help the fish?

Ok just checked with them. But its not meant to be a fundraising campaign. The campaign has to be focused on raising awareness and a call for political action.

in the mandatory requirements it says "There should be no other campaign logo in addition to the WWF logo".

does that rule out any campaign ideas that have to do with cooperations between WWF and other companies? thanks!

Hey Madhatter,

I checked this for you with the people from WWF. And they told met that cooperations are possible but shouldn't be the focus of this campaign. Corporate cooperations of the WWF are not seen as part of campaigning, they are planned and carried out by a specialized department within the WWF.

Cheers, jeroen

For competitors' information : ten minutes ago, i've just seen the latest edition of "Le dessous des cartes" (Mit offenen Karten), precisely about overfishing.

can be viewed on catch up tv here (french and german) : http://videos.arte.tv/fr/videos/le_dessous_des_cartes-3784476.html

slides are there (with french or german captions, so easily translatable in Google trad) : http://www.arte.tv/fr/Comprendre-le-monde/le-dessous-des-cartes/392,CmC=396,view=maps.html

Thx for the links - very interesting. STOP EATING SUSHI!

hello, i stubled upon this, maybe most of you have probably seen it, its from the french Ogilvy : http://www.fubiz.net/2011/03/31/wwf-bluefin-tuna/ hope it helps!

Maybe another example from ogilvy France helps to drive the tonality of the ideas in this contest in a more positive way... http://adsoftheworld.com/media/print/wwf_demonstration

I've a problem that I can't solve and I don't know if it's the browser or what? I had update one of my ideas "fish it" - 65 - and erase the old picture and substituted it for a new animation, and I can't see that change in my computer. I used google chrome and safari can you please help me?

I think the problem is, that your first visual is older than 24 hrs. You can only delete visuals withing the first 24 hrs. But you could place a pic within to show that the pic on the right is old and the pic on the left is new - that will do. ;o)

Yes, thats probably the case.

Hey all, wanted to share some cool stuff with you that might serve als inspiration!

Crocheted Coral Reef project: http://crochetcoralreef.org/ Installation of empty fish racks, by artist Julia Lohmann: http://www.julialohmann.co.uk/work/gallery/the-catch/0 MUSA: an underwater scuplture museum!!: http://www.musacancun.com/


This is fantastic!!! What a inspiration links!!! Thanks a lot texastee!!! :)

Very inspiring, thanks texastee : )

not happening! I can not upload my idea. : (

Sorry to tell you, that the time for submitting ideas has already ended on April 20th. There´s only two days voting time left... :o( Perhaps you´ll manage to be in time for the next contest? ;o)

thanks! This information is hidden in my computer! :(

thanks! This information is hidden in my computer! :(

Achterbahn fahren ist wahrscheinlich nervenberuhigender als dieser Contest ;-)

Allerdings sehe ich viele, viele "Neue" die im Schnelldurchlauf 30 Wertungen abgeben, auf über 150pt kommen und wahrscheinlich für immer verschwinden, bis zum nächsten öffentlichen Wettbewerb. Oder sehe ich das falsch?

Nee, is mir auch schon aufgefallen. Interessant zu beobachten, wer jetzt in der letzten Stunde noch wem Herzchen gibt - kann man ja wunderbar auf dem dashboard verfolgen...

I will do final rating monitoring today.

Updates on the closing event, exhibition and Jury award. Join us if you can! http://www.jovoto.com/blog/2011/04/fabulous-fish-closing-event-and-exhibition-jury-prize/

i nearly wore the fish costume all the way through, except i got arrested yesterday for arson thanks to nathalie's bad influence, and the jailer insisted i defish.

Hello community,

a new debate on voting behavior can be found on the Support page. It would be nice if many people participate in it.


congratulation all winners. please check the link above (clari)

Hi there! We have a new project called "Power to the People." The client, Citizens for Democracy i.G., is looking for a key visual/campaign poster to inspire people to stand up and take action. After creating such compelling visuals for the WWF, I think you have a strong chance to earn from the €400 awarded each week! Check it out and submit a draft poster by Thursday for the week 1 award :) Jess