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Alterationday.(time to make a change)


The EU has undertaken to reform common fishery policies every 10 years. The EU reform from 2002 is considered by the WWF to have failed - fish stocks continue to be in decline. A further EU reform is planned to come into force on 01.01.2013.

1.  From the moment the campaign starts we ask people to make a statement about an EU fishing law that is as strict as possible and which reflects sustainable and ecological resource management.

2.  Apart from that we must not forget that eating fish is not bad. But we have to ensure that everyone gets to hear that we want to eat Fair Fish (MSC).

On the special Alterationday Facebook page people can make their statement about point 1 and 2. And use the poll to say no to over-fishing and say yes for Fair Fish.

This should lead to a huge number of people who give their opinion and we will present it to politicians before 01-01-2013

On the same page we ask people to eat Fair Fish only on the special Alteration day 12-12´2012 . (date unknown yet) I gave it the name Ration day. (This should lead to greater demand for Fair Fish)

I think both will lead to a huge media exposure.

"Make a beautiful past for our childrens future" can be print in 2012 on entry tickets from zoos and amusement parks with the Facebook adress of Alterationday.(This works on the emotions of parents)

The Facebook page adress is now:!/pages/Alterationday/208841915809537

I ask you to go to the page and click on LIKE IT. I need 25 to give the page the name Alterationday.

More visualisations will follow.

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